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We are proud to be known as one of the leading specialist in the business of temporary suspended platform gondola. Our customizable solutions & packages will definitely give a perfect fit to your business strategy.

Suspended platform also known as gondolas, are needed for tasks like building cleaning,welding inspection, window cleaning,cladding, painting, glazing, sand blasting, and maintenance work in general, nevertheless, others construction applications.

Safety and reliability are crucial. Our factory offers Gondolas that 100% customizable to the different shape and size of each building facade.

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  • Manufacturer, Trading
  • South America, South East Asia,Middle East.
  • 26
  • 2014



Main products includes hot dip galvanized steel and aluminium ZLP630, ZLP800,ZLP1000, and single working platform ZLP250.

The special platforms have elevator platform, circle working platform, L type platform, double deck platform and others.

And, we can offer spare parts of suspended platform, such as LTD63 hoist motor, LTD80 hoist motor, anti-tilting safety lock, centrifugal safety lock, electric control panel and other parts.

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